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Little boy brightens up police officer’s day


Officer Zach Little shared an uplifting experience on his Facebook account. As part of the #backtheblue movement, ten-year-old Levi handed him a note which made his day.

Officer Little had just finished working as part of a funeral procession. It was raining heavily and as he was soaking wet, he pulled over into a bank to dry off. He was feeling really sad for the family who had lost two members when a little boy from another car ran over and handed him an envelope.

He asked the boy’s mother what the note was about and she replied that it was simply an act of kindness. Officer Little opened the envelope when he got back into his car and was pleasantly surprised by the contents.

Inside, there was a little note, with a $1 dollar note attached. The note read: “To me you are the bravest men and women I ever knew and due to the hate and harassment you all may get and have some low spirits do (sic) to that. Being part of the back the blue movement, I want to raise your spirits. So because your my number 1, I wanted to give you this.”

He shared it on social media saying that he was glad that Levi’s mother was teaching him to spread love and not hate.

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