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Japan takes DIY to a new level with a funeral “Kit”

Funeral prices in Japan are sky high at around 2 million yen( $18K). A company called Tsubasa in the Nagano prefecture have decided to make things a little easier on the pocket by offering a DIY Funeral Kit.

Although you wouldn’t exactly be able to do it yourself, at least you will be able to reduce the cost of your funeral drastically for the ones you leave behind. The kit is sold at a massive saving of 28 380 yen ($250-ish). 

It includes a wooden coffin with a fold-open window to view the deceased through, a pillow, a mattress and a blanket. It also contains an urn for ashes and a special silver-accented box for bones that are left over after cremation. Additionally it has three furoshiki wrapping cloths and a manual explaining the finer details of putting a soul to rest.

What the kit doesn’t include is the cosmetics and procedure to prepare the deceased’s face, so you will still need a mortician as well as a licensed crematorium.

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