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In a shocking case of ‘honour killing’ father electrocutes his daughter and slits her throat with a machete for falling in love.

Ferozabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), Nov 18

The father of a 22-year-old woman has admitted to killing her in the 23rd case of an honour killing in Utter Pradesh, India.

The man, Harivansh Kumar admitted to electrocuting his daughter, Pooja Singh, before slitting her throat. She was alone with her father in Ferozabad while her brothers and mother were away in Gurugram. The police also recovered the knife/machete that was used.

The woman, Pooja, was the youngest of five and the only daughter. Her father did not approve of her relationship with Gajendra, from their neighbourhood and in the same caste.

Her brother, Yogesh filed the murder charges and police are awaiting the autopsy report.

According to the police officer at the scene:”It’s an honour killing and the accused has confessed. He was annoyed with his daughter for having relationship with the neighbour’s son”

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