Florida man has saved 864 lives after donating 100 gallons of blood over 43 years – Idaho Reporter

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Florida man has saved 864 lives after donating 100 gallons of blood over 43 years

A man from Port St. Lucie has saved the lives of 864 people.

Since 1976, 73-year-old James Michelini has donated blood and platelets every second Wednesday. After 43 years, he has made his initial target of 10 gallons ten times.

He lived in Connecticut when he began donating and had already made 35 gallons by the time he moved to Port St. Lucie. Since moving he just kept going nearby Stuart, to a OneBlood donation centre faithfully every fortnight.

According to TCPalm, he just went to donate blood on a whim for the first time, and never stopped; it became his job.

Every pint of donated platelets can save the life of one person, while every pint of blood has the possibility of saving up to three people. This amounts to more than 800 people’s lives saved with the 100 gallons Michelini has donated.

Michelini said it felt really good to know that he could be a “little bit of a life saver” and that he would continue donating for as long as he remained healthy.


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  1. Toni Kotinurmi

    No mention of blood group ? My father, having O- (rarest here) has done same thing. 250g of blood every second month for 60 years yields 360 liters (about 4 gallon/liter that’s about 90 gallons).
    So this guy has endangered himself etc by donating too much. I know, not my problem, but still, there are reasons why they don’t want free blood donated too often – although human can produce more blood cells etc it’s not as “good” – admittedly plasma and such will be rather ok but there are limits for reason.

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