Father and daughter got $3.4 million in tax refunds from IRS after claiming to win lottery they never won, authorities say – Idaho Reporter

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Father and daughter got $3.4 million in tax refunds from IRS after claiming to win lottery they never won, authorities say

A father and daughter are convicted at Trial for Involvement in $100 Million Fraudulent Tax Refund Scheme.

Kenneth Edmonson and his daughter Danielle claimed that the government owed them $175 million in tax refunds. They were paid out $3.4 million in refunds through the issuance of U.S. Treasury checks before the IRS realized that they had in fact, never bought a winning ticket.

In 2015, Danielle Takeila Edmonson managed to get the IRS to pay out $239K in tax refunds for winning an unspecified amount of money from the lottery. With that she bought a BMW and took $60 000 in cash. The IRS never received any corresponding forms to support the payment of any of these taxes.

35 -year-old Daniellie Edmonson is said to have a master’s in business and filed another bogus tax return in 2016 asking for $80 million in refunds on an alleged income of $141 million.

They replied to her: “Your demand has no legal validity and is not payable through any federal agency. Your scheme appears to be akin to a fraud.”

In September 2017, K. Edmonson filed a fraudulent tax return seeking a refund of approximately $725,111. Department of Treasury mailed a tax refund check to K. Edmonson for $734,266.27 (including interest). Shortly thereafter, K. Edmonson deposited this tax refund check into his bank account. 

Kenneth’s house was raided in January 2018. During the search, in the bedrooms of D. Edmonson and K. Edmonson, law enforcement found letters addressed to both individuals warning them of the frivolous nature of their returns. Shortly after law enforcement left, despite warnings not to do so, K. Edmonson went to his bank to attempt to withdraw the funds from the account that received the fraudulent refund check.

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get any better…

In March 2019, Danielle was arrested. They both claim to be “aboriginal indigenous Moorish Americans” (an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement) who are immune to government authority.

A nonprofit that tracks American extremist groups, The Southern Poverty Law Center, describes Moorish Sovereign Citizens as a small sect that believe: “… that they get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and they don’t think they should have to pay taxes.”Federal courts have repeatedly rejected any such claims

Kenneth has already got himself in trouble with U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg because of his belief in his own “sovereign immunity” and was removed from court for contempt.

Sentencing is scheduled for February 20, 2020, at 2:00 p.m.

Interesting fact- A Moorish “Grand Sheik,” who led a sovereign-citizen-style fraud scheme seeking more than $100 million in tax refunds, has been sentenced to 68 months in federal prison.


  1. Kempton Broadnax

    Luke highwalker

  2. Laura

    That must be nice. I show all my paperwork to the IRS.. never defrauded the government and I still cannot get my income tax.!!

    • Garry

      That is the same thing that I am thinking I even had to prove my identity on a lousy 5 grand it sounds like the IRS wanted to push even harder charges on these desperate stupid misguided citizens in order to push charges

      • Marc n

        Why do I always have to pay the IRS I wrk hard and pay taxes sometime long hours to get by and the IRS still hold my refund either I pay or hold on my checks that I never get three time already last one from 2018 still pending

    • Ben Peterson

      You and I both. Took me 9 months to get what they owed me. Want to guess who will foot the bill for the IRS’Ss loss though?

    • Susie V Wilkins

      They always find some way to blame you for something not proven are will offset your refunds even tho they got the proof of innocent

  3. Melanie Ross

    The IRS messed up on my boyfriend’s tax return this year. They told him that his tax return was $4,081.00. They recently sent him a letter saying he owes $2,000.00 or to send the $4,081.00 check back. Once he got the check he cashed it and got a used car, insurance, registered and paid bills. IRS in my opinion need to take a page from Santa and check their lists twice. This is clearly the fault of the IRS!!!

    • Evan Hansen

      The IRS doesn’t tell you what your refund is. You are confused.

  4. Whisperin Pints

    SPLC is one of the biggest con jobs this country has ever seen.

  5. John Doe

    I’m a student, beginning paraprofessional studies with research major in sovereign societies, financial practices, and just recently after a long hiatus resting blissfully on autopilot in the malfeisiant politicoloppoly care system. I’ve expanded my research to what is abroad and still haven’t found what I’m looking for real or all the answers. Further…While earning my degree, in as much as I can afford and learn. Wich as mentioned above, minus the beyrayed disabled American veteran soap box. Is in its infancy. however broad reaching, and thus so follows the ability to earn, gain, and pay for the access afforded to those even slightly better off in the financials.. all the fluff and flight of ideas put away.
    I sure wish there were some up front brave and courageous Americans out there with the real shit and answers to put all the mysteries and dangerous information aside and come up with a definitive program that is dead on and impervious to disqualifications or question. Teaching the basics alone to all of the masses just like anything THEYVE
    ever done. And still do to us today. CAN be mastered with the eventuality of the United teaching those who need to want to and are duty bound to perpetuate for the up and coming. As it should be.


    On to the books, boards, battle grounds and bastards who keep their secrets hiding in plain sight just like those whom they prostethesize their superiority over and are in direct VISCIOUS however peacefully and decidedly opposed and against the while claiming absolute correctness

    I’m out peace to everything and EVERYONE love and many blessings.
    Any one with knowledge and or willing to share ideas welcome

  6. Marco

    We are forced to pay taxes it is not optional with that being said it’s legal robbery so pay up or face the consequences. We are not yet free

    • Bob

      Everybody knows it’s not theft if you call yourself “government”.

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