Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll debates against state exchange

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3 thoughts on “Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll debates against state exchange

  1. Reuben Nuxoll says:

    Way to go, Mom!

  2. Darlene Malone says:

    Senator Sheryl Nuxoll,
    I applaud and commend you for standing up for the life of a the unborn, freedom of religion and quality of life. I feel you have done an outstanding job in your speech regarding state exchange giving clear and precise information that I know at least I now understand a whole lot better. You have done your homework. Lastly I appreciate your willingness to state your faith in God and not be ashamed of it in anyway. God bless you and I’m keeping you in my prayers. Keep going!!!

  3. Deanna Schmidt says:

    Excellent, concise debate in opposition of the state exchange Sherry. Thank you for working tirelessly to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

    Thank you for working to protect the citizens of Idaho. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!

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