Sen. John McGee resigns his Senate seat

As was first reported by Sen. John McGee, R-Caldwell, has resigned his Idaho Senate seat.

Gov. Butch Otter’s office confirmed the resignation prior to a press conference scheduled by the Senate Republican caucus Wedensday.

McGee was in the midst of his fourth term and was the GOP’s caucus chair in the Senate.

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2 thoughts on “Sen. John McGee resigns his Senate seat

  1. Paul65 says:

    How about ditching the mugshot. It cheapens the reporting and conveys guilt before the investigation is completed. John’s mistake was trying to retain his positions in the party and hanging around in the Idaho Senate too long. His actions last Father’s Day were not helpful. I hope he can patch this up with his family and get on with life.

    I will wait for the investigation to be completed before rendering judgement and think you should replace the above photo with one that reflects “innocent until proven guilty”.

  2. Wow. says:

    Paul –
    He was arrested for stealing a truck and crashing it while intoxicated. how much of an “investigation” does there need to be? Maybe instead of pushing for the law against texting and driving he should have thought about drinking and driving, AND stealing someone’s vehicle. you look pretty guilty passed out DRUNK in a jack knifed rig parked on a lawn.

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