Sen. John McGee arrested for grand theft, drunken driving

Sen. John McGee, R-Caldwell, was arrested for drunken driving and grand theft early Sunday morning. He is currently being held in the Ada County jail.

McGee has several high profile positions in the Treasure Valley. He is the director of marketing at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, chairman of the board of trustees for the College of Idaho in Caldwell, chairman of the Canyon County Republican Central committee, and Senate majority caucus chair.

According to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, McGee started the eventful night Saturday drinking in a golf course clubhouse. McGee left the clubhouse and began walking before coming to a Ford Excursion with a trailer hooked up. The SUV was unlocked with the keys inside. McGee got inside and drove away. At some point, McGee tried turning the vehicle and trailer around in a driveway near Overland and Victory in Boise. McGee was unsuccessful at turning around and the Excursion and trailer jack-knifed. McGee then exited the vehicle and walked back and forth a few times before climbing back in and going to sleep. Two witnesses in a nearby house were watching all of the events transpire and called police. When police arrived McGee told authorities he was on his way to Jackpot.

McGee is in his fourth term representing District 10 in Canyon County.

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20 thoughts on “Sen. John McGee arrested for grand theft, drunken driving

  1. Leo A. Geis says:

    “near Overland and Victory…” Overland and Victory are parallel streets. Attention to detail?

  2. fortboise says:

    Wow. Sounds like the Senator found his way to a jackpot, alright.

  3. Lindsey says:

    It’s a sad deal. He’s such a great guy and has done some great things for Caldwell, and the state of Idaho.

  4. Hubert Osborne says:

    When you are stranded in unfamiliar territory you should not leave your vehicle

  5. Paul says:

    Just wait until he gets home, I expect the wife and kids are waiting for him and it won’t be pretty.

  6. LC says:


  7. john Bradley says:

    He was drunk & stole a truck. Great family vluaes. But never mind the facts. He will get off. The republicans wll spin the story & he will be forgiven & he will probably end up Govenor.
    Had this been a democrat the GOP would be screaming for a resignation but when it is one of their own they always make up excuses.
    At least he didn’t get on the highway & kill someone. That’s a plus.

  8. Tom Munds says:

    Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. This is an exact representation of the corruption of our elected officials locally and nationally. He is the epitome of a politician and the people must demand a recall this guy for his “bad behavior.”

    If we continue to allow the lies, the polical correct rhetoric and the BS from the mouths of our elected officials, we deserve exactly what we get- republicans, democrats, whats the difference, it isnt about represetantion, its about power.

    NIce picture John, you make us proud in Canyon county, maybe this is your way to show approval of the jail bond.

  9. Tommy says:

    Response to John….You mean like Chappaquiddick

  10. Rosetta Leach says:

    It’s to bad when anybody decide they can be in control of their own lives and do anything that feels good for the moment. However when it happens to a politician, a doctor, a minister, anybody who we are taught t respect, then they make a mockery of themselves before their sonstituents and God.

    They must be prosecuted and stripped of all their prior GOOD they may hav e been of done.

    Too bad, BUT GOODBYE is all he deserves now.

  11. Sean says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. How quickly we are to judge, yet we are all guilty of sin. I say let’s not be too quick to pass condemnation.

  12. Rich Brooks says:

    He also tweeted me pictures of his junk.

  13. Eric Stratton says:

    You better be joking, Rich. He said I was the only one for him!

    Real talk though, I’d still vote for him.

  14. Tom says:

    Was he arrested for being awesome? Is that still a crime in Idaho?

  15. Ham Wallet says:

    I take a mugshot over weiners-weiner anyday?!

  16. Fratstar says:


  17. Chillbro baggins says:

    The only people that had bad things to say about this guy couldn’t string together cogent sentences or otherwise properly use the english language. From that we can infer that they are irrelevant and this dude is a thoroughbred.

    Bid. TFM.

  18. DeterminedVoter says:

    Interesting that so much is left out of the story.
    Who was golfing / drinking with him?
    Did he drink for hours at the Hillcrest or somewhere else?
    Why didn’t someone drive him home?
    How far did he walk?
    Where was his car found?
    How was his attorney qualified to say he had a medical condition? Does the attorney also have a license to practice medicine?
    Canyon County is the largest GOP District. But, they have pulled off some of the most expensive taxpayer paid incidents. i.e., Employees that get paid for months while out for computer sex cases. Loaded guns at the airport. Mismanaged payments to officials. Shirking duties to implement clean air. Complications at voting locations. Overruns at the Jail since they can’t handle cases in a timely manner. CWI fast forewarded before voters know what they will be paying for years on their taxes.
    Those reasons are why the unusual activities of Senator McGee, who participated in the catered, PR special, highway ribbon cuttings, makes this story laughable.
    The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  19. Bill Murphy says:

    John McGee has committed his life to serving others, and seems up to now to have had a spotless record.
    Let’s cut him some slack until we can hear the entire story.
    As only an occasional drinker, something else happened here. Was his drink spiked with something? Who were his golfing buddies, and where were they when this happened? Is he diabetic, or on medication?
    We need to understand the whole truth before passing judgment on him.
    Where is journalistic integrity in reporting the bigger picture?

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