Minnick receives Tea Party endorsement, Ward blasts his record

Though he didn’t ask for it, Democrat Congressman Walt Minnick received an endorsement from the Tea Party Express Thursday, a national symbol for the anti-big government movement.

Minnick was the only Democrat on the list released by the group. In the U.S. House of Representatives, he is joined in the endorsement by Republicans Tom McClintock of California, Tom Price of Georgia, Mike Pence of Indiana, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, and Joe Wilson of South Carolina.  According to reports, the Minnick camp is not particularly thrilled to be listed with the likes of Bachmann and Wilson, who pundits have called “lightning rods.”  A spokesman for Minnick’s campaign said that though the congressman does not agree with all aspects of the organization’s platform, he seeks to build a broad coalition of groups who represent various interests.

Another politician in Idaho, one of the men trying to unseat Minnick, was not happy with the endorsement.  Republican Vaughn Ward, who is battling with state Rep. Raul Labrador for the right to face Minnick in the November general election, released a statement Thursday blasting Minnick’s record.

This endorsement does not change the fact that Walt Minnick’s first vote in Congress was for Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda of higher taxes, more spending, and a more intrusive federal government that has done nothing to get Idaho families back to work.  When Walt had the chance to step up to the plate for Idaho families, he voted against permanently ending the financial bailouts and voted for a permanent extension of the death tax. Walt Minnick and Nancy Pelosi’s tax and spend policies continue to cripple our economy.

We are proud of the Idaho endorsements we have received as our momentum continues to build.  Our campaign began as a grassroots effort and is driven by the people.  This is their seat and Kirsten and I are humbled by the thousands of people who have given so much to the campaign.

Labrador, who attended the local Tea Party rally in Boise Thursday, has not commented on the endorsement.  Event organizers from Tea Party Boise Inc., in charge of Thursday’s activities, are undecided if their organization will endorse candidates for the primary or general elections this year.

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13 thoughts on “Minnick receives Tea Party endorsement, Ward blasts his record

  1. Phaedrus says:

    Dustin, good story.

  2. NolaKid says:

    Minnick has voted with the Democratic caucus 69.7% of the time.
    ( See Link: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/M001175/)
    Raul Labrador was rate 100% conservative this past legislative session. WHO DO YOU WANT TO REPRESENT YOU IN WASHINGTON D.C.?
    Raul is really the only candidate who is Idaho at Heart. Tea Party people really like Sarah Palin. She endorsed John McCain for senate in 2010. She endorses Vaghn Ward. Vote for the best person for Congress – That is Raul Labrador. I-D-A-H-0, Idaho Idaho, Go Go, Go. Send Raul to Congress for Idaho District 1!

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  4. CommonIdeal says:

    Vaughn Ward needs to worry about his his own record and the records of his supporters back east

  5. alfred says:

    Wow Minnick endorsed by the tea party all I have to say is… REALLY!? I respect him a lot because he stood up to the peer pressure that he probably faced from the Democrat caucus. Nonetheless, I always thought the tea party was a conservative constitutional movement and then they support Minnick, I can’t believe that!

    Well anyways, as usual the best candidate gets underplayed, LABRADOR! Hopefully he can do it. Labrador has guts too, standing up to tax raising Gov. Butch Otter and telling him NO and his voting record is very conservative. As a result, I know how Labrador will vote and stand. As far as Ward all I hear is how terrible Democrats and Pelosi are, I thought people were tired of partisan politics, give me something of real substance. GO LABRADOR!


  6. Steve says:

    So who is Tea Party Express?

  7. Dustin Hurst says:

    For those not familiar with the Tea Party Express, here is a link to the group’s site:


  8. Salty says:

    Vaughn Ward appears to be another McCain styled RINO.
    We need real Republicans like Raul who know the party values and practice the party values.

    Give us Raul Labrador, a real conservative, a real American.

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