Beatles vs. Stones show comes to Sandpoint, Idaho

SANDPOINT, ID (2/17/20) For decades, the battle has raged: Beatles or Stones? Through their heyday, fans accused London’s Rolling Stones of stealing ideas — even entire albums – from their Liverpool counterparts. At the same time, the Beatles secretly envied the Stones’ “bad boy” image and attitude, often copying their style. Both bands are unmistakably […]


Syria’s parliament recognises the Armenian Genocide

The Syrian parliament recognized the murder of up to 1.5 million of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. It is reported by AFP. It is noted that the resolution was adopted amid worsening relations with Turkey, as well as clashes with the Turkish military in northwestern Syria. Earlier it was reported that the Turkish […]


More than 50% of Zimbabwean women have been sexually assaulted

Article updated Sunday, February 9, 2020 8:00am (EST) More than half of women in Zimbabwe have been sexually abused, according to the recent report which shows the extent of the phenomenon in this corrupted country. A survey conducted by Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) found that 57% of respondents had to perform sex acts in exchange […]

Eurozone Healthcare

Five UK tourists catch Coronavirus in a French ski resort called Contaminated Mount of Joy

Five new cases of coronavirus are registered in France. The Minister of Health announced on Saturday February 8 that four adults and one child were infected with coronavirus 2019-nCoV (now renamed to NCP). They stayed in a chalet in Contamines-Montjoie (Contaminated Mount of Joy) in Haute-Savoie region. It is a two apartments chalet, where eleven […]

Asia Healthcare

Chinese authorities give new name to Wuhan coronavirus

Chinese authorities have introduced a new temporary official name for an acute respiratory disease, which was previously known as coronavirus nCoV-019. According to the China State Health Committee, this new disease will now be called NCP or “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia.” The decision of the Chinese authorities was announced at a press conference by representatives of […]

Crime Eurozone

Russian schoolgirl beats a pedophile policeman with a scooter

A Moscow schoolgirl fought off a pedophile policeman, using her scooter, it was reported this morning by local news outlet ” Moscow Komsomolets .” According to the publication, the incident occurred in one of the buildings in the north of the capital. The 11-year-old girl was returning home from a walk and went towards the […]

Asia Crime

Ten-year-old girl in India stoned and buried alive after being raped.

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a ten-year-old girl was buried alive after being raped and stoned. It is reported by The Times of India. According to the police, she left home at about 9:30pm to buy chocolate in a nearby store. On the way to the store, several young people attacked her. They lured […]


Man breached his bail by sending a “full stop” to a woman on a dating app

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard a case of breached bail when a man, who as part of his bail conditions was ordered not to contact a woman, sent her a “full stop” on the dating app on which they had met. In December last year, John O’Kane (57), of Bishop Street was accused of assaulting a […]

Idaho Markets National

Oregon marijuana sales 420% stronger near Idaho

A new report by Oregon Office of Economic Analysis finds marijuana sales are strongest along Oregon’s border with Idaho – a state where recreational marijuana is not legal. It is unsusprising to find that in neighboring states Oregon and Washington (where recreational use of the substance is legal), sales along the Idaho border are much […]


U.S Bank employee fired for giving $20 of her own money to a client that was stranded on a Christmas Eve

A bank employee from Portland, Oregon lost her job due to the fact that she gave her money to a client whose paycheck was delayed, just before the Christmas. This was reported by the Daily Mail. Emily James worked as a senior specialist at the bank’s call center. She received a call from a client […]